messy hair

//did you stumble upon me?//
There are too many political blogs on the internet (and I read most of them) – as a rule, I don’t blog about politics, but if you can’t infer my politics from my blog, you’re probably an idiot.  I’m a 24 year old law student at the University of Washington, a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Georgetown University, where I studied Women’s Studies, Political Science, Asia, and International Peace & Conflict Resolution, in varying combinations.  My concentrations in law are Asian law, legal reform, and post-conflict justice.

Most importantly though, I am a human being.  I am a world traveler, a tattoo diva, a girl content to never grow up, a lace and pearls princess, a wearer of bizarre costume jewelry, and a barefoot-outdoor-yoga enthusiast.

This project is a step towards encouraging myself to grow as an individual, to develop self-respect and world-respect, to learn to delineate and enforce my own sovereignty as an individual human person and exercise my human freedoms, to learn to be in complete awe of the world around me, and to meet and genuinely accept the deep and hidden self that I have silenced for 23 years.

Come follow me.

interests // life
lit + theater + poetry + pulp everything
being [in] love
swimming + diving + everything that brings me to water
barefoot kitchen dancery
web + graphic design

interests // music
death cab for cutie
the decemberists
the weakerthans
angie mattson
the 6ths
motion city soundtrack
rilo kiley + the elected
the raveonettes
the weepies
she wants revenge
nightmare of you
the frames
erin mckeown
alix olson
the hush sound
+many bands i am told i am ‘too old’ to enjoy.

interests // studies
conflict resolution + international mediation
critical theory
feminism + development theory
legal theory
international law + human rights

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